Our History Grand Hotel Moroni

The origins of the Grand Hotel Moroni date back to 1949, when Mr. Romolo Moroni said Aldo, who came from Torrazza Coste (PV) a few years before, started to build the first two floors of the house. The hotel was completed in 1963 and, with its 110 rooms on six floors, it quickly became one of the most important hotels of the Riviera di Ponente. On 2nd June 1958 the Republic President Gronchi confers 'Mr. Moroni' the honor of “Cavaliere” for tourist merit. Over the years the "Moroni" had the honor of hosting personalities from politics, sport and entertainment, sponsoring sport events at international level and promoting exhibitions of talented painters. Between 1998 and 2000, after an extensive renovation, part of the building was converted into a residence and the number of rooms down to 57. In 2013, with the return of the Family Moroni to the management of the structure, a new renovation has restored the hotel's style.